Reading Resources


"No One Told Me I Could Cry"  -  Connie Nykiel

"Tilly"  -  Frank Peretti

"Mommy, Please Don't Cry"  -  Linda DeYmaz

"Abortion & Healing"  -  Michael T. Mannion

"I'll Hold You In Heaven"  -  Jack Hayford

"Forgiven and Set Free"  -  Linda Cochrane

"The Jericho Plan"  -  David Reardon (also for clergy)

"Her Choice To Heal"  -  Sydna Masse & Joan Phillips

"Aborted Women: Silent No More"  -  David C. Reardon

"The Scarlet Lady"  -  Carol Everett

"Men & Abortion"  -  Arthur Shostak

"Making Abortion Rare"  -  David C. Reardon

"A Solitary Sorrow"  -  Teri & Paul Reisser

"The Healing Path"  -  Dan Allende

"Helping Women Recover From Abortion"  -  Teri & Paul Reisser

"Help For The Post-Abortion Woman"  -  Teri & Paul Reisser

"The Mourning After: Help For Post-Abortion Syndrome"  -  Terry Selby

"Post-Abortion Trauma"  -  Jeanette Vought

"A Season To Heal"  -  Luci Freed & Penny Salazar

"When The Crying Stops: The Pain & The Healing"  - Kathleen Winkler

"Will I Cry Tomorrow"  -  Susan M. Stanford

"Atonement Child"  -  Francine Rivers

"Redeeming Love"  -  Francine Rivers