The purpose of the "Earn While You Learn" program is to educate women and men on a variety of subjects, such as:
     Prenatal issues
     Child discipline
     Nutrition during pregnancy
     Development of the baby during pregnancy
     Postnatal concerns
     Understanding child development
Here's how the program matches education with domestic items. First, the client selects books, pamphlets, or views videos at the Center or online using Bright Course which discusses maternity facts and parenting principles. Second, the client takes worksheets or a link home to proceed from concept to demonstrating understanding through answering questions about the material studied. Third, the client returns their homework to the Center where it is cataloged and specific credits are awarded for the completed assignments.  Finally, as each educational concept is completed the client can "spend" or exchange these earned credits at the Center for maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby furniture (when available), or other baby related items.
The following is an example of how many credits are needed for various items.
            12 diapers                                     2 credits
           1 package of wipes                        2 credits
           1 blanket                                       3 - 5 credits
           1 item of clothing                          1 - 3 credits
           1 piece of furniture                       5 - 10 credits
As with all services at the Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center, this program helps to meet essential needs, but does so by maintaining the dignity and self-respect of the client.