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Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center
Kingman, Arizona
Have you thought about volunteering?
Call Teresa or stop by for a visit!
Your contribution is welcome, regardless of age or offering. Below is a group of young
adults who recently assisted at the Center.  As expected, they feel they received more
than they gave.


Volunteers are always needed at the Center. Maybe you don't know how you could
offer to be of help. As you read the following story, you're sure to come up with
your own gift to give.
"When I looked at the list of needs for our local Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center,
washing clothes was one thing I knew I could do. When asked by a staff member,
What would you reply to your future grandchildren when they ask, 'How did you
help unborm babies?', I was persuaded to find out where the Center was and to
help out the only way I knew - washing clothes."
"Volunteering at the Center was something I enjoyed right from the start.
Although everything was new to me, I began to figure out how to count up
credits for any clients that came in to 'shop' in the Earn While You Learn
Program."  Upon realizing how busy the Center could be, and knowing there
was just one person on hand, I started volunteering for a full day so there
would be at least two people available. God has given me a love for organizing,
and that is another way I found out I could help."
"From washing clothes, to sharing with clients, to driving everyone crazy
with my attention to details, God has worked in my life and has given me
blessings as I have offered 'my time' for His use."
So, you see, the ways of giving just come to you!
If you're interested in volunteering, please send us an email using the form
below. We'll contact you right away and discuss your submission and how it
can blend with client needs.
Thanks for considering such an important sharing of yourself.

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Our center is run by donations and gifts from people like you. If you would like to help continue our ability to serve the community, click on the "donate" button below and follow the instructions. We appreciate your support!

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